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Important Info From the Cleo Institute

By Cheryl | Jun 26, 2019

What do a coyote, manatee and Burmese python all have in common? They each play an integral role in a new mural project (www.miamimurals.org) in Miami, Florida to raise environmental awareness. These murals have the unique distinction of using A.R. or “Augmented Reality” created by Cheung and her team of MIT graduates. Artists from Miami…

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For Your Health

By Cheryl | Oct 23, 2018

Toxic oil spills, runoff from agricultural businesses and algae blooms are some of the reasons for tremendous toxic growth onto our ocean waters causing overcrowded conditions, stressed fish and the use of antibiotics and genetically modified ingredients in our seafood. Celebrity Chef Rich Moonen owner of both RM Seafood and Rx Border Room in Las Vegas…

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Conservation Starts With You

By Cheryl | Oct 12, 2017

Our society has many downfalls, but perhaps one of our biggest downfalls is that we are wasteful. Incredibly wasteful actually. Our lives are spent wasting time, energy, and emotion on people and activities that do nothing for us. We sit down to a meal and fill our plates with more food than we could possibly…

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