Saving Streak


There is no better time to share this true SeaWorld rescue story with you. We are at a crossroads in our civilization where we must collectively reach out to protect and save all living species on this planet. We each play a significant role in this global effort to meet the Mission of SeaWorld to “return to the sea some measure of the benefits derived from it.” We must all work together in raising scientific awareness of the importance in replenishing our oceans and waterways with the vital nutrients our sea creatures need to survive and thrive.

Saving Streak Cover Page

About the Book:

Streak, a male manatee was suffering from cold stress. If the SeaWorld Orlando Animal Rescue Team did not arrive in time, he may not have survived. In this story, you will learn about how Streak was rescued and SeaWorld’s continuous efforts to help conserve wildlife. Look inside for a link on how you can help them too!